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Synergia Foxy -CMS has built-in features to managing a website with a selection of simple tools.

Synergia Foxy - julkaisujärjestelmä

Basic features of Foxy -CMS

The basic idea of a content management system (CMS) is that anyone can manage a website without coding skills. The built-in features of Synergia Foxy guarantee the easiest-to-use solution on the market.

We don't offer ready-made templates. We always design our websites in cooperation with the client. Predefined styles and columns guarantee that editing of pages is easy with inline -editor. The site will stay coherent regardless of the user.

Foxy -CMS has the following features:

  • Inline-editor to easily edit content.
  • Limitless amount of pages and content.
  • 1Gb disc space.
  • Always the latest Foxy -updates free-of-charge.
  • Daily backups of the database for 5 days.

Make your site international with language versions

The logic behind language versions is based on the sitemap: if a page exists on default language, it exists on other languages as well. This makes changing of the language simple.

You can add unlimited amount of languages. Adding a language is easy: choose the langugage you wish to copy and the language you wish to add. All content will be copied to the new language, which means only texts have to be translated (no need to refetch images or modules).

Modules/add-ons to make page logic even more clear

When other functionalities and automations are needed, modules come in handy.

Foxy has some of the most common modules built-in. We also offer several additional modules based on the customer's wishes. The following modules are always included:


With this module, a part of the page can be hidden behind a click. This is a good solution to very long pages, so the usability and structure remains simple.


This module is designed to create recurring content, which doesn't have to be updated separately on different pages. A good example is an address on every page's footer. 


Most often this module is used on the top banner of the page (where images must be same size). All images will be cropped to the specific size, regardless of the original image. Module can contain one or more images.


This module handles elements with recurring styles (such as contact info or lifts). These are managed with a simple tool, which also has a possibility to crop images.


This module allows a user to embed external content. This module can be used to add e.g. videos, chatbots or stock exchange releases as a part of your website..

Additional modules


Do you want to know more about Foxy?

Are you interested in Foxy? Do you have any questions on different features? Do you want to Request an offer or perhaps need user credentials for our demo site? Contact us, and we will be happy to assist you!

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