Synergia Foxy has several modules that make uploading simple. Modules are freely recyclable, so e.g. language versions are easily made. Modules are updated with easy to use questionnaire tools.

Module settings

Above each module there's a module settings button. Use this button to change module settings. Follow each module directions to see what settings can be changed.

Import module

Use the import module button in the Function menu to import modules to wherever desired.


Module importing includes the following points:

Select type of module

Select what type of module you want to import. By default, Foxy already includes the following modules: embed, listing, statictext and images. Several other modules are available from Foxy for additional charges.

Select module to be imported

When you change the type, the menu will show appropriate modules for that type. Choose which module to import from here.

Want to add a ready-made module, or create a copy? (e.g. For a different language version)

You can choose to import a ready-made module or a copy of one. If you choose a ready-made module, any possible updates to the module will be made to every page where it is used. If you choose Create Copy, a new copy will be made and all its settings will be imported with it. So if you e.g. want a new language version of the module, you should make a copy, meaning that you only need to make changes to the text.

To which pages will the module be imported

You can import the module at one time to all language versions (which use the same page template) If corresponding cells on other pages include content, the module will be above or below it. It is usually best to use this during site construction only.

Module headings

If you create a new module, you should give it a heading. Modules should be given sensible headings, so that they will be easy to use in future.

Module removal

You can usually remove modules using the button above the cell. You can choose whether to remove the module from just the page in question, or from the same point of all pages for that language version. The difference when removing the content is that modules will be kept in the system after removal. If you want to remove modules permanently, you can do this in module management.


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