Adding image to content is simple in Synergia Foxy. All images are resized to suitable width, so you don't have to do this manually in advance.

Insert Image

You can add an image by clicking Insert Image -button. You can import image by dragging, or by selecting from your computer (click). You will see the upload progress, so you know how long you'll have to wait.

Maximum file size is 20Mb

Inserting from Material Bank

You can also insert image from Material Bank. Note, that by selecting an image, it will not be resized (as it has already been resized when uploaded). You can select the desired image by clicking on filename.

If you upload image directly to Material Bank, it will not be resized. You can use this functionality if you want to link to full-size image.

Image Editing

When you select an image, you can perform some actions on it.

Insert Link

You can insert link on an image. Read more about links »


With this button, you can set the display of the image. Inline will make text go round the image. Break text will make a block of the image, so other elements will be before or after the image.

Change Size

You can enter the image size manually. You might want to use percents, as pixels apply also for smaller screens. You can also scale the image with your mouse.

You can make the image edge to edge by inserting Width 100%, height empty.


You can add style to image. The style is either on or off, so if you want to remove style, you must click it again.

If you want the styles to appear differently, contact us.

Advanced Edit

With this button, you can edit the image. All edits should be done right after the first upload, as the image will be resized once saved.

When you've done all changes, click Save from the top corner. Cancel -button will undo all changes made.

If you edit already uploaded image, the new image will not replace the existing image. 

Alternative text

You should always add Alternative text. This improves page accessibility and search engine visibility.


You can replace the image. If the image being replaced has been saved, it will remain on Material Bank.


You can remove the image. If the image being removed has been saved, it will remain on Material Bank.


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