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Content management

Using Synergia Foxy, content is modified directly on line with the easy-to-use editor. The editor comes complete with all necessary functions, so you don't have to search for them through dozens of buttons. 


Adding pictures

With Foxy, you don't have to worry about picture files or pixel sizes. Use the editor to upload your picture to where you want, and it automatically fits to size (maximum width). Thus the picture looks great whatever the resolution, and its file size is noticeably reduced. 


Making use of ready-made content

One of Foxy's trump cards is the ability to make use of ready-made content. On site, you can internally copy and paste areas of text, create language versions and create repeating text areas easily. Foxy also noticeably simplifies the importing of text files and spreadsheets to your site: You no longer need to copy and paste content from, e.g. Word, as you can simply import the file into place using just a few clicks – preserving essential format and pictures. 


Content saved automatically

Changes made in Foxy are stored in the cache until you accept or reject them. So you can make changes to several pages first and then save them all at once. When you sign out, Foxy will remind you which changes have not been saved. 


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