There are several modules that make updating simple in Synergia Foxy. Tools used to update modules are in questionnaire format.

The basic Foxy fee includes modules:

Embedding code

The embedding code can be used to upload such data as you tube videos, stock exchange bulletins or social media to the site. You only need to feed in the URL address of the site to be embedded, or a separate embedding code.

Showing pictures

Websites often require pictures to be of some specific size. With our module you can crop pictures to the right size straightaway.


If there are several elements on the site with an integrated format, this module will be used. This module is often used in e.g. contact information listing.

Recoverable text

This module is used when each page requires integrated content. A good example of this is the contact information box: changes to telephone numbers and addresses only need to be made once, and this data will be uploaded to the whole site automatically.

Modules incurring extra charges

Synergia Foxy is flexible for all sorts of needs. A few examples of modules with extra charges:


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